Who We Are

A Working Description of Who We Are

We are a small "startup" initiative born from empathy, compassion, and service with aspirations to make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers through becoming a respected collaborative peer led not-for-profit organization.

helpNYC strives to connect people through the website to low barrier, safe, and verified resources, services, and information. The target audience of our work are the undeserved and those who have lost hope in living a life with purpose and dignity. helpNYC started as a labor of love by Josh Parkin as joshp.nyc. We are working towards converting our work into a not-for-profit organization and build a group of people across New York City to establish relationships with local non-profits that serve the same populations we serve. Please connect with us if you would like to join use to remove barriers to help, restore dignity to people who have lost it, and inspire hope in their efforts to live a fulfilling life of purpose.

Our Gratitude

As we progress in our purpose we have come along people and organisations that have supported, applauded, and helped us. Here are some we would like to acknowledge.

Our Team

Josh Parkin

Founder and Peer Navigator

From Broadway to the streets of New York City, Josh uses his time rebuilding his life after living on the streets to help others that have lost hope to restore their dignity to build a fulfilling life of purpose.
Click here to learn about Josh's life finding his dignity and hope in a better, fulfilling life.

Kelly Mahoney

Board Member and Ambassador


Annual Reports

It warms my heart that a year ago a small website I created to share information with friends has grown into a mission to provide information about low-barrier, verified, and safe resources that New Yorkers can access across our great city. I never thought I would be writing the first annual report nor exploring the exciting opportunities coming in 2020 to helpNYC. Continue Reading