Listing Partner Linkbacks

Add a helpNYC Icon and Linkback to Your Website

Linkbacks are a great way for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to list your website when someone searches for assistance.  Through a partnership with Google, our listing partners can enjoy the benefits of advanced search engine optimization when listed on

Because the Resource Navigator is hosted and powered by Google, the links on our pages elevated your websites high in search results.  To improve your organization's search result exposure consider adding the helpNYC Partner Icon and linkback link to your website. Also, when search engines see that websites are linked to each other, the data on them becomes more attractive to its algorithm. 

Also, the helpNYC Partner Icon will let visitors know you're a part of the helpNYC Community which helps New Yorkers in need!

How to add the icon and linkback.

Color Icon on Transparent background
Black Icon on Transparent background
White Icon on Transparent background
Grey Icon on Transparent background