Housing Assistance Resources

Housing is a basic need to live.  helpNYC maintains listings to help you find housing, ensure you can exercise your housing rights, and find help when you cannot pay your rent or mortgage.  

Also visit the Financial Assistance section for more programs to help with other housing related expenses.

Eviction Prevention Programs

Everyone gets behind on rent or mortgage payments. These Eviction Programs can help you with arrears and ensure you have every possible chance to stay in your home.

Renter Programs

NYC Rent Freeze Program

Department of FinanceCity of New York
Listing ID: 2747550118

The NYC Rent Freeze Program, which includes the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) Program and the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Program, helps those eligible stay in affordable housing by freezing their rent.

Under this program, a property tax credit covers the difference between the actual rent amount and what you (the tenant) are responsible for paying at the frozen rate.

The longer you are in the program, the greater the benefit. If you enter the program today, continue to renew and meet all eligibility requirements, the current amount you pay for rent today could be the same in 20 years.

Affordable Housing

NYC Housing Connect

Housing Preservation & DevelopmentCity of New York
Listing ID: 1547984667

Through Housing Connect, you can find and apply for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities. To qualify, your household must meet the household income and size requirements for a unit in the affordable development. 

If you don't think you meet the income and/or size requirements please still register.  There are housing types for all income levels and household sizes.


Housing Preservation & DevelopmentCity of New York
Listing ID: 1547984667

The Mitchell-Lama program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families. The program was sponsored by New York State Senator MacNeil Mitchell and Assemblyman Alfred Lama, and was signed into law in 1955. There are both New York City supervised Mitchell-Lama developments and New York State supervised Mitchell-Lama developments.

Tenant Rights & Advocacy

Tenant Rights Hotline

at Met Council on Housing

Program Hours

Mondays 1:30p - 8:00p 

Tuesdays 5:30p -  8:00p

Wednesdays 1:30p - 8:00p

Fridays 1:30p - 5:00p

212.979.0611 | website

Listing ID: 3344316702

Program Summary

The Met Council on Housing Tenant Rights Hotline can give brief answers to your rights as a tenant in New York City and options for dealing with a housing situation.  Referrals to agencies, community groups, and tenant lawyers are available.

Services Provided



Community Based Programs

Dale Jones Burch Neighborhood Center

at Henry Street Settlement

Program Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00a - 5:00p

Lower East Side, Manhattan

269 Henry Street

between Montgomery Street and Scammel Street

New York, New York 10002

212.471.2400 | email | website

Program ID: 2788295123

Program Summary

The Dale Jones Burch Neighborhood Center provides a vast range of services for New Yorkers.

Please see Case Management and Benefits Access and Advocacy Section for more services offered by this program.

Services Provided



ADA Accessible

Yes, Fully


BUS: M14A-SBS to Grand St/Pitt St or M22 to Madison St/Gouverneur St

SUBWAY: F Train to East Broadway