Recovery Lifestyle

For many in Recovery from Substance Use, treatment and spiritual programs aren't enough to feel connected in the world.  Recovery Lifestyle programs and groups allow those in recovery to be in safe spaces with other people that do not include mind- or mood-altering substances like alcohol or drugs.  These spaces provide a chance to meet and build connections with like minded sober people.







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BIGVISION is a community of young adults in their 20s and 30s working to sustain their recovery through experiences and connections.  Treatment isn’t enough- BIGVISION is the missing link between traditional recovery programs and breaking back into the real world in a fun, empowering way. 

They host free, exciting events and experiences in a variety of safe, inclusive environments. BIGVISION also has special programming on their website, IGTV, and social media for anyone, at any age, who is in recovery.

Connect with them on social media and on their website.