Food Assistance Programs

New York City has a large network of public and private Food Pantries, Community Kitchens, Mobile and Emergency Food programs. helpNYC has gathered some safe, welcoming, well established, and verified programs in New York City for people to seek help from.

If you do not see a program or organization that you know is open during the COVID-19 Crisis in New York City please fill out our listing suggestion form or send us an email at

Community Kitchens in New York City

Community Kitchens, formerly known as Soup Kitchens, provide individual prepared meals to those in need. Most Community Kitchen programs do not require identification or other documents to participate. If there are requirements, we have listed them on the listing.

Food Pantries in New York City

Food Pantries typically provide a week or two of quality, nutritious unprepared food. Some pantries provide ready to eat items for those who do not have the facilities to cook.

We also have citywide listings Food Pantries that provide Halal and Kosher food assistance.

Food Assistance for Specific Diets

For New Yorkers that require special diets and need food assistance, we provide information on programs that can help.

Additional Food Assistance Programs

Photo Courtesy of CURBED New York.  Photographer: Adela Wagner

Community Fridges

Operated by mutual aid projects, nonprofit organizations, churches, neighborhood councils, or businesses community fridges enable food to be shared within a community with no restrictions. Anyone can put food in or take food out of the fridge. Most fridges are available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week year-round.

If you know of a Community Fridge that you would like to see listed here please complete our Suggest a Listing form. Thank you!

Due to high barriers accessing food from Community Fridges, helpNYC has temporally suspended listings of all Community Fridges. We are working with our Partners to bring the Community Fridge Listings back in the future. Please signup to receive our Community Updates when the listings return.

Mobile Food Programs

There are several mobile food programs that go to the communities they serve. These programs usually distribute food at specific locations on a predetermined route on the sidewalk at set times weekly. Most programs require no identifications and have no requirements to participate.

Volunteers at Vision Urbana delivering groceries to New Yorkes that live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Food Delivery Programs (Coming Soon)

Mutual Aid Organizations, Government Agencies, and Food Assistance Programs have food pantry or prepared meal delivery programs that can deliver food to New Yorkers at their homes who cannot visit Food Assistance Programs. Registration is usually required for these programs.

Benefits Access & Case Management

Please visit our Case Management & Benefits Access Programs Section to find programs that can help you apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

SNAP is a public program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by individual states. In New York City, SNAP is administered by the Human Resources Administration under the Department of Social Services.

New Yorkers can apply for SNAP benefits directly through NYC-HRA but there are organizations that have SNAP Access Programs that can help New Yorkers collect the documentation needed, and apply for the benefits.