Homeless Resources

In New York City there are many resources, programs, and organizations that will help you find and maintain safe, clean, and effective housing in New York City.

Please check our Housing Assistance Section for help with general housing issues.

Homeless Outreach 

The City of New York provides outreach and assistance to those who are experiencing street homelessness or are not connected with shelter services.

helpNYC has gathered information on how you can request an Outreach Team be sent to yourself or someone else.  Also, where the Outreach Team Offices are located.

Emergency Housing

In New York City anyone who asks for emergency shelter must be sheltered if they are truly homeless or shelterless. Everyone must go through the intake centers to enter the shelter system.

Drop-In Centers (Coming Soon)

Drop-In Centers provide a safe place for people who are experiencing street homelessness or are unhoused to spend time off the street, eat a hot meal, and get other essential help. 

Drop-In Centers, typically operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medical Care for the Unhoused

Unhoused New Yorkers have specific needs that specially trained medical providers can help with.  These medical clinics have been created to help those who are experiencing homelessness have access to quality, appropriate, and affirmative health care.

Mail Assistance Programs

Mail Assistance Programs provide families and individuals experiencing homelessness or those who do not have a stable mailing address with a mailing address they can use when applying for benefits such as supplementary food assistance (SNAP/food stamps), public assistance, disability, and social security income, medications, and other vital services that require a permanent address. It also allows those without homes to provide a private – non-shelter – address to potential employers when seeking a job.

Homeless & Runaway Youth

For many young people home is not a safe environment to live in.  Others may have experienced kidnapping or human trafficking.  helpNYC has compiled information, programs, and resources that young people can access to find help.


Crisis Intervention

at Coalition for the Homeless

Monday - Friday

9:00a - 5:00p

Coalition for the Homeless

129 Fulton Street

at Nassau Street

New York, New York 10038

Financial District, Manhattan

website | 888.850.2712

Listing ID: 2457399394

The Coalition for the Homeless Crisis Intervention Program helps New Yorkers experiencing homelessness or in danger of losing housing can seek help.

Advocates can help navigate the shelter systems, access to emergency shelter, obtain public benefits, and longer-term case management to find permanent housing.

Call to schedule an appointment. Afterhours:  Leave a message with a phone number.