Focus Populations

Within the areas of services, information, and programs listed on the Resource Navigator website there are services available to very specific populations. These programs target specific people based on their demographics and/or needs and most of the time is challenging for those populations to find and access.

helpNYC has complied these resources into the following Focus Population Areas.

Domestic Violence

helpNYC has gathered programs that provide resources and services directly to those who experience intimate partner, family, or domestic violence.

No resources are available at this time. Please use our Suggest a Listing form if you know of a program that you would like to see on the Resource Navigator.

HIV & AIDS Resources

Since the late 1980's New Yorkers have been fighting the HIV & ADIS Pandemic. Many advances in care for HIV & AIDS has been made and is no longer a death sentence. People can live productive lives and thrive.

Homeless & Runaway Youth

For many young people home is not a safe environment to live in. Others may have experienced kidnapping or human trafficking. helpNYC has compiled information, programs, and resources that young people can access to find help.

LGBTQ+ Youth

helpNYC has gathered a great listing of programs and services available to LGBTQ+, gender fluid, and questioning youth. These programs are safe, accessible, and available to youth typically aged 12 - 29.