Personal Identification Services

Identification is key to access many services.  Here is a list of types of personal and government issued identification.


Office of Immigrant AffairsMayor of New York CityCity of New York
Listing ID: 1583027883

New York City residents ages 10 and older are eligible to sign up for IDNYC – a government-issued identification card, regardless of immigration status. Applicants must complete an application and submit it at an enrollment center.  Documentation is required.  

The IDNYC is a government issued photo identification card that can be used for documentation purposes; allows access to public attractions; and many other benefits like annual memberships to museums and business across New York City.

Please visit the IDNYC website to find the closest Enrollment Center, what documentation is required, and benefits. 

Non-Driver ID Card

Department of Motor VehiclesState of New York
Listing ID: 1583035107

United States Citizens and Permanent Residents may get a Non-Driver Photo Identification from the State of New York through the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You must apply in person at a local DMV Office.  Once you complete the application a non-photo identification document will be provided at time of application.  The photo identification will be mailed within two weeks of application.

To apply you must visit a DMV Office.  The application requires specific documentation.  Please visit the DMV website for more information.

LISTING DISCLOSURE: The fee for this service may be a barrier to services for this listing.

NYC Birth Certificates

Office of Vital RecordsBureau of Vital StatisticsDepartment of Health & Mental HygieneCity of New York
125 Worth Street, Room 144New York, New York 10013
Listing ID: 1583042203

For  people who were born in New York City the City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers online, in person, and mail  ordering of replacement birth certificates on their website.  

There is a charge of $15.00 per certificate ordered plus applicable processing fees by a third party vendor for online orders.

You must have been born in New York City, listed on the birth certificate as the parent, registrant, and/or infant, and be at least 18 years of age.

For people born outside of New York City, but within the United States please contact your birthplace's Secretary of State to find out how to order a copy of your birth certificate.  For those who were born outside of the United States of America, please contact your birthplace's Embassy or Consulate for more information on how you can receive a copy of your birth certificate.  

LISTING DISCLOSURE: The fee for this service may be a barrier to services for this listing.

United States Passports

U.S. Department of StateBureau of Consular Affairs
New York Passport AgencyGreater New York Federal Building376 Hudson StreetNew York, NY 10014-3621
Listing ID: 1583050773

United States Citizens and Nationals can apply for a United States Passport and Passport Card issued by the United States Department of State of State. A valid, unexpired United States Passport is conclusive proof of U.S. citizenship, and has the same force and effect as proof of United States citizenship as certificates of naturalization or of citizenship, if issued to a U.S. citizen for the full period allowed by law.

Please visit the U.S. Department of State's Travel.State.Gov website on information to apply.

LISTING DISCLOSURE: The fee for this service may be a barrier to services for this listing.