Mail Assistance Programs

Mail Assistance Programs provide families and individuals experiencing homelessness or those who do not have a stable mailing address with a mailing address they can use when applying for benefits such as supplementary food assistance (SNAP/food stamps), public assistance, disability, and social security income, medications, and other vital services that require a permanent address. It also allows those without homes to provide a private – non-shelter – address to potential employers when seeking a job.

Emergency Mail Program

Coalition for the Homeless
Listing ID: 1583084182

The Coalition for the Homeless operates an Emergency Mail Program in Manhattan for those who need a mailing address. To apply the potential client must reside in New York City, have Photo Identification, and agree to the program’s rules. The Coalition Advocate will provide all additional details once the person is enrolled in the Emergency Mail Program. Please note that this address can only be used for general mail delivery. Verification of mailing address can be provided upon request of the person is enrolled in the program.

During the COVID-19 Crisis in New York City potential clients must call the Coalition for the Homeless Hotline at 212.776.2177 to speak with an advocate to set up mail services at the Coalition for the Homeless. No walk-ins are allowed.

Mail Program

Holy Apostles Soup KitchenHoly Apostles Episcopal Church
Listing ID: 1583093383

The Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen Social Services Program runs an mail distribution program out of their soup kitchen. Participants have to sign up in person. Verification of mailing address can be provided upon request of the person enrolled in the program.

Program registration and mail pickup is open Monday - Friday, 10:30a - 12:30p. Program registration and mail pickup must be done in person, no phone calls or emails accepted.

General Delivery Service

United States Postal Service
Listing ID: 1583117720

There is only one General Delivery Post Office in New York City. No registration is required. USPS does not provide address verification services. Person picking up mail must have a photo ID that matches the name on the parcel. Mail is held for 14 days and then returned to the sender if not picked up. Mail pickup at 390 Ninth Avenue is Monday-Friday, 10:00a - 1:00p; and Saturday 10:00a - Noon.

The mail must be addressed in the following manner:

[Participant Name]General Delivery390 Ninth AvenueNew York, New York 10001-9901

For more information please visit the USPS General Delivery website.