Winter in New York

in New York City

New York is Famous for its Winter Fun!

The Winter in New York section on the Resource Navigator connects New Yorkers to programs, resources, and information on how to have a safe, fun, and productive Winter!

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Holiday Food Assistance

helpNYC's 5th Annual Holiday Meals & More campaign helps New Yorkers who are facing food insecurity this holiday seasonn find holiday meals and event!

If you're in need of food assistance this holiday season please access the programs and organizations below to receive assistance.  

Also, check our Food Assistance section for more information on other programs that can help you with getting food. 

Home Heating Assistance

Heat and Hot Water for Renters

NYC regulations require landlords to keep indoor temperatures within certain ranges between October 1 and May 31.

Between 6 AM and 10 PM indoor temperatures must be at least 68° when it is below 55° outside;

Between 10 PM and 6 AM, indoor temperatures must be at least 55° when it is below 40° outside

Hot water is required to be maintained at 120°

Visit the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (PDF) for more information about heat and hot water requirements in New York City.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

City of New York, Department of Social Services, Human Resources Adminstration

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded program that helps low-income homeowners and renters pay for utility and heating bills.

If you have received an electric, gas, or heating disconnect notice, you can apply for emergency financial help. You may also qualify for help if you have a low supply of heating fuel or a broken boiler or furnace.

Active SNAP/Cash Assistance clients and clients receiving SSI who live alone are automatically eligible for HEAP benefits.

For more information please visit the Human Resources Administration website.

Unhoused New Yorkers

Code Blue Weather Emergency

City of New York, Department of Social Services, Department of Homeless ServicesNew York City Office of Emergency Management

A Code Blue Weather Emergency notice is issued when the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m., including National Weather Service calculations for wind chill values. 

No one who is homeless and seeking shelter in New York City during a Code Blue will be denied. 

Code Blue Weather Emergencies include the following options for the homeless:

During a Code Blue, shelter is available system-wide to accommodate anyone who is reasonably believed to be homeless and is brought to a shelter by outreach teams. Accommodations are also available for walk-ins. Anyone who is experiencing homelessness can present at any NYC-DHS contract shelter and request accommodations. Click here to find a list of intake shelters that are open twenty-four hours, daily.

All drop-in centers are open twenty-four hours per day when Code Blue procedures are in effect and will assist as many people as possible for the duration of the emergency. Drop-in staff can also make arrangements for homeless individuals at other citywide facilities.

Teams will contact vulnerable individuals on their Code Blue Priority Lists to ensure safety and bring them to shelter. DHS coordinates Code Blue efforts directly with agencies such as DSNY, and the Parks Department, at a borough level.

If a person experiencing homelessness presents at a hospital, the hospital will request an outreach team to be dispatched.  The hospital shall not refuse shelter until the outreach team arrives.

For more information about Code Blue; to request help for yourself or someone else please visit the helpNYC Code Blue Weather Emergency Alerts website.

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