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New York is famous for its Fun in the Sun!

The Summer Resources section on the Resource Navigator connects New Yorkers to programs, resources, and information on how to have a safe, fun, and productive summer!

Extreme Heat Advisories

When the Heat Index, air temperature and relative humidity combined, exceeds 95° F the City of New York typically issues an Extreme Heat Advisory.

Extreme heat is the deadliest type of extreme weather. It can cause hyperthermia and worsen existing medical conditions and mental health problems. Those who don't have access to air conditioners experience heat stress and can be overcome by heat. Fans do not provide sufficient cooling during extreme heat. Air conditioning (AC) is the most effective protection.

helpNYC has created a list of resources for New Yorkers to find ways to survive an Extreme Heat Event.

Summer Health & Wellness

NYC Cooling Centers

Office of Emergency ManagementCity of New York
Listing ID: 2987031042

During periods of extreme heat, when the heat index is predicted to be dangerously high, New York City opens cooling centers. Cooling centers are air-conditioned spaces, such as older adult centers, community centers, public libraries, and other public facilities that typically operate during daytime hours and are free and open to the public.

Click here to find an NYC Cooling Center near you.

NYC Cool It!

Department of Parks & Recreation City of New York
Listing ID: 2987068010

Cool It! NYC is a Citywide plan to increase the amount of cooling features available to the public during heat emergencies, particularly in neighborhoods that face the dangers of high heat.

Click here to visit the NYC Cool It! website.

Beat the Heat Website

Office of Emergency ManagementCity of New York
Listing ID: 2987099254

On extremely hot days, the National Weather Service may issue a heat emergency advisory. During these heat emergency days, the City offers additional resources for residents.

Want to know more? The New York City Department of Emergency Management's Beat the Heat website is your destination for everything you need to know about extreme heat in New York City.

Visit for more information.

Summer Recreation

NYC Parks Pools

Department of Parks and RecreationCity of New York
Listing ID: 2987205008

The City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation operates their indoor pools year round and their outdoor pools in the summer.  These pools are open to all New Yorkers to enjoy. 

They also offer swimming lessons and other activities for New Yorkers.

Outdoor Pools - Find an Outdoor Pool near you. Outdoor pools are free to the public.

Indoor Pools - Find an Indoor Pool near you. (NYC Parks Recreation Center Membership is required to use Indoor Pools.)

Summer Streets

Department of TransportationCity of New York
Listing ID: 

Summer Streets is an annual celebration of New York City’s most valuable public space — our streets. Summer Streets reclaims and transforms streets into active and attractive public spaces, providing safe recreational cycling and walking routes in the heart of Manhattan.

Get involved by visiting

Summer Financial Assistance

HEAP Cooling Assistance 

Human Resources Administration (HRA)

City of New York

website | 212.387.1639

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA)

State of New York

website | 800.342.3009

Listing ID: 1548059958

Program Summary

The Cooling Assistance benefit helps eligible households buy and install an air conditioner or fan up to a cost of $800. Assistance is available on a first come, first come basis until August 31, 2023 or until funds are exhausted.

Applicants are only eligible for a Cooling Assistance benefit once every five years. If eligible, a household can get only one air conditioner or one fan, and the cost can’t go above $800 including installation fees. The benefit is not applied to an electric bill or issued as a cash benefit.

The Home Energy Assitance Program (HEAP) is administered state-wide by the State of New York Office of Temporary and Disability (OTDA).  Residents of New York City apply for the program through the City of New York's Human Resources Administration (HRA).

Program Requirements

Eligibility for a Cooling Assistance HEAP benefit if:

Application Information

New York City Residents can apply for the HEAP Cooling Assistance Benefit on ACCESS HRA or in person at a NYC-HRA Benifits Access Center.

Document Requirements